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President Herbert Hoover

     Tim Walch, director of the Herbert Hoover Memorial Library Museum, has sent some valuable comments on our postings about President Hoover:
     The best book on Herbert Hoover's troubled relationship with Stanford is George Nash's volume, Herbert Hoover and Stanford University, published by the Hoover Institution Press about ten years ago.
     The Kennedy Library is a federal institution and is not affiliated with Harvard University. (You may be thinking of the Kennedy School of Government.) The Kennedy Library chose to do a conference on Herbert Hoover simply because they had a successful conference on Calvin Coolidge last year and they decided to do a series. Next year that will do a conference on FDR. The other two speakers were Regina Blaczek of Boston University and Rik Boorum of Philadelphia, PA. Blaczek talked about Hoover and his housing programs and Boorum talked about Hoover's educational background and early career. All the papers will be published along with others from a conference we are doing here in a book to come out in 2001.
     Thank you for your thoughtful comments about the program. By the way, our formal name is the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library Museum and the title of Richard Smith's book is "The Uncommon Man: The Triumph of Herbert Hoover."
     My comment: As I wrote, I realized I had confused the relationship between the two Kennedy institutions. Although legally not united, in fact they cooperate. It is somewhat like the relationship between Harvard and MIT.
     We look forward to the book Tim Walch announces. I am preparing a posting on the C-Span program on President Franklin D. Roosevelt. What a contrast! Hoover was the last of the Victorians, FDR the first of the theatrical presidents.

Ronald Hilton - 10/12/99