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History in a Broader Context

     As far as I know, no library in the United States has a library of history textbooks from around the world. I have written to the Stanford School of Education, the Hoover Institution, and the History Department asking if there would be interest in starting such a collection, which would be an enormous research resource. WAIS would be glad to help, and the Stanford overseas campuses could help even more. I am waiting for a reply.
     As a first step, we might collect bibliography on the subject. Does a current one exist? There are a number of monographs, one on Chinese education by WAISer Richard Gross. For some reason a Chinese student criticized it harshly, which bewildered the author. I felt some politics was involved.
     We are grateful to Carolyn Boyd for calling attention to one of her books:
     "In the context of the current conversation about the importance of studying history textbooks, you might want to refer readers to my book, Historia Patria: Politics, History, and National Identity in Spain, 1875-1975 (Princeton, 1997), because it is principally a study of Spanish history textbooks and the role of history in Spanish schools during the period mentioned in the subtitle. At several points the book touches on the history of the international congresses convened to discuss textbook revision in the aftermath of the two world wars."

     My question: Can Carolyn bring us up to date on these congresses?

Ronald Hilton - 2/9/00