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Hollywood, the Empire of Evil: The Big Lie

     Man's perversity is evident in the way he invents amazing devices which could benefit mankind and then uses them to pervert the good and the true. The enormous potential of the movies for good is illustrated by C-Span, SCOLA and a wealth of documentaries which document the truth about the world. Those instruments, like SCOLA, lead a precarious existence. The wealth is in Hollywood, where the old dictum has been modified to read "The truth may make you free, but it won't make you rich."
     An earlier posting described how Hollywood used the assassination of President Kennedy to promote totally unproven stories that it was the work of the U.S. Government and its agencies. That this did harm to the national and international reputation of the government and indeed of the United States was no obstacle in the hunt for profits. This pattern is being repeated in the case of the murder of Martin Luther King. In a farcical legal proceeding. the King family is promoting without any evidence the story that the murder was the work, not of a lone gunman, but of a conspiracy backed by the U.S. Government and executed by the C.I.A. The family has sold the film right to Oliver Stone, who made the film about the assassination of President Kennedy. Da capo!
     The invention of the movies was hailed as a great advance over the old theater. In the process not only truth but the language has suffered harm. The major Western languages developed into beautiful instruments thanks largely to two institutions: the theater and the church. The debt of English to Shakespeare is obvious, and German achieved in unity and beauty thanks to Bühnensprache, the language of the stage. Oratory was part of the training of the clergy; the Spanish language in particular owes its beauty and clarity in large measure to this training.
     Radio was a spoken vehicle, but the movies have replaced human speech with color, noise and fury, to attract the public. The result has been a decline in the spoken language, as is evident from movies and TV programs. The more "advanced" a country is, the worse the deterioration. Hollywood set the world on this downward slope, and another "advanced" country, Germany, is not far behind. The German news service, Deutsche Welle, provides evidence of the decline of the German language. The news programs show not old German dignity but razmattaz; modern effects, sound and fury not only introduce the program but break it up. As late as the 30s, the German language was pleasant to hear, but now, as spoken in the German news service, it is ugly and often unintelligible.
     Spain is a backward country, right? The Spanish TV news service is a thing of joy. The announcers, mostly well-mannered young women, speak beautifully. When Spanish politicians of whatever ideological color speak, they do so with dignity and elegance. The danger is that, as Spain becomes "modernized," it will follow the "advanced" countries down the slope which leads to a cultural armageddon, in which unfortunately the forces of good are very uncertain of triumph.
     This posting is being sent to the Spanish and German missions to the U.N. in the hope that they will pass it on to the appropriate authorities so that Spanish TV may realize that its high standards are appreciated and German TV that it has erred in adopting the modern technology of Hollywood.

Ronald Hilton - 12/27/99