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Houston, Texas

     Miles Seeley shares neither the happy acceptance of multiethnicity of Jaqui White nor the pessimism of Diana Hull. He writes:
     While I understand and sympathize with Diana Hull's distress over what has happened to Houston, I must ask: did not basically the same thing happen in New York City, Chicago, and other cities after the Civil War, when blacks left the South en masse seeking a better life? That immigration (or the Irish to NYC or the SE Asia boat people to various cities) brought some chaos and distress and white upper and middle class flight, but neither those cities nor the country collapsed. Total assimilation remains elusive, perhaps even undesirable. The United States is a noisy, messy, even chaotic country with big problems....and still the strongest and most envied place in the world.

     My comment: Very few West Europeans want to migrate the United States, and Third World countries envy Western Europe too. The problem of illegal immigration there is leading to the adoption of stringent border controls.
     The expression "inner city", with all its implications, designates a U.S. phenomenon. The centers of important European cities have nothing like it.

Ronald Hilton - 12/9/99