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Illegal Mexican immigrants

Paul Simon does not accept Cameron Sawyer's argument on illegal Mexican aliens: "As Tim Brown pointed out, there is clearly a market for the millions of undocumented migrants. Given this, I remain at a loss as to why you think offering A SMALLER NUMBER an avenue to legal status will somehow prevent the OTHERS from continuing to do just as they do now".

Virginia Abernethy sends a commentary by Sam Francis opposing the legalization of illegal Mexican immigrants. It begins: "No sooner had his party won the November elections than President Bush let it be known that he really is pursuing amnesty for millions of illegal Mexican aliens after all. Mr. Bush was not honest enough to admit this to the American people himself, but it escaped the lips of his new ambassador to Mexico nevertheless, almost certainly with the president's permission so as to break the grim news to the public and his own party as discreetly as possible. Sworn in as ambassador to Mexico two weeks ago, Tony Garza, an old Bush crony from Texas, told the Washington Times that "reaching an accord legalizing the status of Mexican immigrants -- without giving them citizenship -- continues to be a top administration priority." RH: The issuance of identity cards for illegal immigrants by Mexican consulates is meant to grease the way for this.

Ronald Hilton - 12/2/02