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US: Imaginary Bush message by Stuart Rawlings

Daryl DeBell has a clear position: "I agree strongly with Seeley and Sancton. I believe that Dwight Peterson's attitude of blindly following the President, perhaps especially so in times of crisis, is the most dangerous attitude one can have if the objective is to maintain a rationally operating civil society. First, it potentiates the tendency for a leader who is so inclined to increase his/her autocratic tendencies; and, I believe, most are. Second, and perhaps not really different from the first, it abandons the option of providing alternative approaches to the solution of any problem. It is typical of those societies who have chosen to accept the 'strong man' leaders, with the consequent loss of liberty and usually the 'gain' of a corrupt and venal leadership. I wonder if Professor Hilton could comment on this tendency in (excuse the expression) Latin America, and a possible connection with Catholicism, a notably authoritarian organization, and one which has not taken kindly to "heretical" ideas, which include almost anything not sanctioned by the hierarchy".

RH: Indeed, historically the Catholic Church has allied itself with authoritarian regimes, but liberation theology has changed that. The level of corruption is generally higher in Catholic than in Protestant countries.

Ronald Hilton - 1/14/03