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US: Imaginary Bush message by Stuart Rawlings

Tim Brown replies to Stuart Rawlings, Daryl deBell and other critics of the Bush administration: "Isn't it equally Pavlovian blindly to oppose the president? There seems to be a categorical assumption here, and among many WAISers, that those who support the president must be blind to the truth and facts and therefore be simply following him blindly since, if they could only see the truth, they would abandon or oppose him. That is hardly the case. Worse, there is little if any attempt here to explain objectively why the president is wrong. No evidence or facts, just personal opinions cloaked in pejorative language".

RH: Tim goes on to emphasize the need for an objective assessment of the facts, and this is certainly true. It just happens that today the UN is studying the Blix Report in order to get the facts, and I am sure that all WAISers have been trying to do just that, although they may reach different conclusions.

Ronald Hilton - 1/27/03