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     Any compassionate person laments the plight of the people of under-developed countries, but everywhere their migration to developed countries brings problems. Diana Hull says:
     "You may be surprised to hear that I agree with Jaqui White that the vast majority of immigrants come to the US to work and to improve their lives. But the question to be asked of all the compassionate people who want to share the western standard of living with the less fortunate of the world, "Is there any number of immigrants that would be too many for us to admit?" We are now growing faster than India! Remember there are 4.7 billion people who live in countries poorer than Mexico, all of whom could improve their lives substantially by moving to the US. We need to study our census data, our environmental carrying capacity and ask how ever increasing density can diminish our freedoms. Unfortunately world population growth of 250,000 people a day--90 million plus a year dwarfs the absorptive capacity of the few countries still willing to receive immigrants. Ultimately the hardships caused by poverty and population growth must be confronted by and within each sending country. No nation can expect to solve its deficiencies by exporting its surplus people."

     My comment: One may make a simple comparison between a country and a home. We are sorry for poor people, and, if we can, we will give them work or help. However, we do not want them moving en masse into our homes.

Ronald Hilton - 2/17/00