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More on Mexican Immigrants

     Feelings about Mexican immigration run high among WAISers on both sides. Not all gringos are critical of it. Big-hearted Jaqui White, who loves Mexico, favors almost free immigration for all. However, it should be stressed that the criticism comes from gringos who are favorably disposed toward Mexico and other countries, but who are concerned about the disruptive effect of mass immigration, which is capable of distorting the American political system. Woodrow Wilson, one of my heroes, whose sympathetic interest in the world generally led to his rejection by American xenophobes, wrote at length and with deep concern about the impact of mass immigration. There are security issues. That Mexico bans foreigners from owning property within a certain distance from the coasts and from the border shows a concern which is the mirror image of ours. Finally, we are finding it almost impossible to check the mass of immigrants to detect criminals and drug mafiosi. In brief, the concerns expressed by WAISers are quite different from the crude hatred of foreigners, especially Mexicans, which would be prima facie grounds for rejection by WAIS.

Ronald Hilton - 03/19/99