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IMMIGRATION: US and Politics

Roughly one third of the American people now describe themselves as =independent" (i.e., mugwumps). A chart prepared by the (Swedish) International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance shows the low voter turnout in the US, the lowest of the 26 countries analyzed (44.9%), lower than even the Dominican Republic. The convention of the Reform/Natural Law Coalition was on a higher level that of either major party. Far be in from me to tell you how to vote, except to suggest that you vote for the party with the least balloons.

The Reform line on immigration is that both parties are playing politics to get votes. That is what is wrong with the system. The racist La Raza is the worst of the minority pressure groups. The danger is that the US will become a tribal society, with all that this implies.

The danger is amply recognized by the important journal The Social Contract, the summer 2000 issue of which is out. It contains 18 well-documented articles, including one by WAISer Diana Hull. The book review section opens with one of Lawrence Harrison and Samuel Huntington (editors, both WAISers), Culture Matters: How Human Values Shape Human Progress. One paper is that by Richard Shweder, which has caused such a flurry in the WAIS dovecote.

Make sure your library subscribes to The Social Contract.

Ronald Hilton - 9/02/00