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Japanese Internment

     Edith Coliver comments:
     Further to the internment debate: we, German Jewish refugees from Hitler were, like the Italians, also classified as "enemy aliens" and placed under a strict curfew, despite the fact that we would NEVER have collaborated with OUR mortal enemy, Adolf Hitler.
     My comment: The German case was very complicated. There was the German Bund, which was pretty pro-Nazi. Then there were the liberal non-Jewish German immigrants. I assume the American government felt it could not easily distinguish, but used its judgment on each individual case. In British Columbia, where I was, there were actually some German Jews who were pro-Nazi until Hitler's anti-Semitic activities became clear. Presumably they had not read Mein Kampf. They just regarded themselves as patriotic Germans. What about second-generation Germans?

Ronald Hilton - 10/12/99