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US: Intervention policy

Bill Ratlifff defends his previous statement: " Intervention has gone on for centuries and it has obviously been going on for millennia and longer, by humans in their various stages of development and in every part of the globe, much of it preemptive by whatever definition you want to give the word. Even by animals, plants and planets, deliberately or by accident, which have strayed or strode into the territory of others of their kind since the beginning of time. If Miles Seeley will read my comment on Bush and Clinton more carefully, he will see that it was inspired by recent comments by the Pentagon, Ronald and Cameron, which Ronald had posted, and as I indicated very clearly in what I said by citing all three. The comments were related to very recent negative reactions by other countries to United States policy and I believe it is undeniable that the level of criticism has risen in the past couple of years, which I guess I must add does not mean that there has never been criticism in the past, of us or of others. Did the recent round of criticism begin with Bush's foray into Iraq? Obviously not if it began in the late-1990s, as I believe the record very clearly establishes, but with Clinton and Albright. That is what I was talking about, thinking that my reference to the Pentagon, Ronald and Cameron would make clear. It is the point addressed by the Chinese adviser in his comments on Yugoslavia. He certainly thought that bombing of Yugoslavia marked a substantial change in US policy, as did many others, whether they agreed or disagreed with the attack, in countries all over the world. Of course, the United States has a long record of interventions, as do many countries, for a variety of reasons which are the subject of a battery of e-mails I for one do not intend to write".

Ronald Hilton - 8/9/03