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US: Iraq as the center of the world...where is Brazil?

The US draft resolution on disarming Iraq faces opposition in the UN Security Council, with France and Russia expressing deep concerns that the wording could permit a military strike. France, one of five Council members with veto rights, said that it would seek revisions to the US text and would reject any automatic use of force. Both war and peace can be triggered by ambiguities," a senior French official said. France will work with China and Russia for changes to the US draft. Clearly the French dictum that "Ce qui n'est pas clair n'est pas franšais" still holds. Since English and French are the UN working languages, a curious situation may arise. The US has presented a text in English, the French will present another one in French. Has it been decided which language takes preference? Each country will insist on its language. Then the problem of "traduttore, tradittore" will begin. There will be an endless lexicographical argument. Meanwhile President Bush, on his way back from the APEC meeting, stopped in Phoenix where, before a red-blooded audience, with a fierce and determined look in his eyes, he declared that if the UN would not act the US would. He does, and a painful split follows between the US and Europe. Then what happens?

Is there more to the world than the Iraq problem? Apparently not. Presidential elections took place in Brazil yesterday; they may decide which way South America will go. I eagerly but in vain waited for some account of the elections' outcome on our TV. It would seem that criticism of the US media, which so riled some WAISers, is not without foundation.

Ronald Hilton - 10/28/02