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The US, Israel and the Palestinians

General Gard, an authority on international affairs, writes: "The Israeli settlements in the occupied territories are a major, if not the major, issue. If Israel were to give up the settlements, other issues could be resolved. There cannot be a viable Palestinian state if the Israeli settlements remain and continue to expand.

We insist that Iraq comply with Security Council Resolutions. SC Resolutions, with our vote and Israeli concurrence, from years back, require the Israelis to retreat from the occupied territories. It is contrary to International Humanitarian Law to settle one's nationals in territories one occupies as a result of armed conflict. One does not see reference to this in the US press -- after all, it is not politically correct, and I expect to get slammed whenever I point out that we are hypocritical on the issue of compliance with SC resolutions. Is it any wonder that the Arabs are angry and frustrated? This is not to excuse suicide bombers".

My comment: There would still remain serious issues, primarily Jerusalem. My preference would be for it to be made an international city, administered perhaps by the three religions involved. That would still leave Palestine divided into two parts. The only effective solution would be some kind of federation between the two states.

Ronald Hilton - 2/16/02