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Internment of Italians

     More on the internment of Italians from Anthony D'Agostino:
     There are some studies of the Italian internment, including a book by Steven Fox, The Unknown Internment (Boston, Twain, 1990). An exhibit was shown around the country a few years ago, with the title "Una storia segreta." I understand that no more than 250-300 were actually interned, while up to 600,000 were "restricted" in different ways, that is, disarmed, denied visits to relatives at bases, subjected to curfew, prohibited from certain activities. Joe DiMaggio's father is said to have been forbidden to engage in his commercial fishing. As against the 110,000 Japanese interned in the west, there were probably 10,000 Italians subjected to various security measures.

Ronald Hilton - 10/12/99