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Job Tourism

     Silicon Valley creates millionaires, but workers at the other end of the scale lose their jobs. Pat Buchanan plays up items like this (not that his recommendations are wise): IBM is eliminating 1,100 jobs in San Jose, California, as it moves its tape drive assembly operations to Guadalajara, Mexico and other manufacturing operations to other sites in Mexico and Hungary. The restructuring is intended to standardize design features, reduce costs, and shorten the time it takes to get products to market. An IBM spokesman told anxious employees in San Jose that "whenever possible, we'll try to match folks with eliminated positions and the needs of the company."
(AP/Los Angeles Times 25 Jun 99)
     Only one of the reasons given makes sense. The others are eyewash. While California is trying to seduce Mexican trade from Texas to California, it is transferring jobs to Mexico. Who gets pushed off this merry-go-round? Texas?

Ronald Hilton - 06/26/99