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US: Judicial appointments

The American constitution is a great historical document, but its shortcoming must be recognized and rectified. In theory, the three branches of government are co-equal, but in fact the judiciary is a football in the constant fight between Democrats and Republicans. See "Federal Rulings Undercut Notion That Judges Are Above Politics" (New York Times, 2/22/03). As the country prepares for war, the Senate spends untold hours fighting over the nomination of Miguel Estrada to the Appeals Court of the District of Columbia. It has been speculated that he is pro-life, but my interpretation is that the problem is that he is more pro-corporation than pro-labor. In any case, Orrin Hatch accused the Democratic Party of hiding behind a red herring. What an enormous herring! It beats all the fish stories I have heard.

Ronald Hilton - 3/18/03