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UNITED STATES: The presidential election crisis implications--The Kyoto treaty

Cathie Adams, a staunch Texas Republican, attends UN conferences to keep track of their misdeeds and evil thoughts. She has attended the Hague UN conference on the climate and comments:

"The majority of leaders attending the UN conference in The Hague are not laughing at all about the American elections. As a matter of fact, they and our hosts in Holland are rooting for VP Gore because they believe his theory that the globe is warming and that Americans must drastically change our lifestyles to come in line more with theirs (central economic and social planning). Americans, on the other hand, caught on a little late as to the importance of this election. If Gore was already declared president, it is certain that the American negotiators in The Hague would be well on their way to embracing the environmentalist dream called the Kyoto Protocol that creates a greenhouse gas emissions trading system that would force American industries and thus jobs to one of the 150 nations not bound by the treaty, while the U.S. is one of only 38 nations bound by it.

It is doubtful that Bush or his consultant, Rove, read the outline of this scheme in Gore's book. I hope Americans will be spared this foolishness. And that a Bush victory would indeed bring science to the bargaining table at these UN meetings."

My comment: I pointed out that, while foreigners are enjoying jokes about the US constitutional crisis, all serious observers realize it is no joke. Cathie Adams makes an important point.

Ronald Hilton - 11/19/00