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UNITED STATES: The presidential election crisis implications--The Kyoto treaty

Raul Estrada Oyuela, the Argentine diplomat who presided over the Kyoto conference, sends this message from The Hague:

"I'm in The Hague, heading my country's Delegation, and I can say that, even if many people, including Frank Loy who heads the American delegation, joke about the recounting in Florida, nobody laughs about the elections, and a good number of us are following the Court's hearing on CNN, as I'm doing now. As you know, I had some responsibility for the adoption of the Kyoto Protocol, and well informed people do not think that the results of the election (namely Bush or Gore) will decide the final US position. Experience shows that US decides these matters on the basis national interest, not of party position. Of course you can find different emphasis depending on the actors, but substance will be the same."

Ronald Hilton - 11/21/00