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Private Life of a President

     In a long commentary, Les Robinson expresses a common viewpoint:
     "The public is generally appalled at Clinton's behavior and his disingenuousness in thinking he could live in a fishbowl and still get away with such a silly affair. Kennedy did that of course, but times have changed following the Gary Hart monkey business, especially with Clinton's previous misadventures well enough known."
     My comment: Have the times really changed? Or is it simply that Kennedy was a Democrat? Times did change with Hoover. From Washington to Hoover, Presidents had sought by appearing stern to prove they were men of principles. Roosevelt began the era of grinning, waving Presidents. Non-grinning President Truman won the presidency thanks to his death. Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter and Bush did not grin enough. This is the era of the cartoon smile, which for many people has become second nature. Look at pictures of political candidates. They are all grinning and/or waving. Not Lincoln, the most respected of Presidents.

Ronald Hilton - 02/06/99