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Madeleine Albright at Stanford

     The posting on the visit to Stanford of Madeleine Albright mentioned the yelling protestors outside of Hoover. After that loud noise, light came from one of them, Hossam Fahmy, who is completing his doctorate in Electrical Engineering, a department which has over 800 graduate students, most of them involved in computers. Add that to the hundreds in computer science, and you have some idea of the appeal of Silicon Valley.
     Hossam Fahmy is listed as Canadian, but he is clearly from some Arab country. His opinion piece in the Stanford Daily (10/12) is headlined "The United States is a ferocious beast and not a peaceful dove." It is a good expression of the Arab viewpoint. It is divided into five sections, one of then dealing with U.S. support for Israel in disregard of U.N. resolutions. U.S. support for Israel has earned us the hatred of a large section of humanity, and led to the flight of many Jews from countries such as Morocco and Egypt where before they had large and respected colonies. Perhaps Realpolitik justifies that. What cannot be justified is the mindless campaign of many Congressmen to have the U.S. recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, not because they believe it (most have little interest in international affairs), but because they think it will bring them votes and money.

Ronald Hilton - 10/13/99