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The Marine Corps and the State Department. A Synthesis: George P. Shultz

WAIS has featured a duel between State Department people and Marines on various subjects, including the use of "Esq". There is a perfect synthesis of the two, my neighbor The Hon. George P. Shultz, Esq. As a Marine he fought in the Pacific, and later he was Secretary of State. Indeed, he has a third dimension: as a Stanford Professor and Distinguished Fellow at the Hoover Institution, he represents the best in academia. A bipartisan bill in Congress, certain to be approved, will name the Foreign Service Institute after him. I am sure we all congratulate him and it. Since he is a Princeton graduate, we may hail him with "Tiger, tiger, shining bright, in the darkness of the night", the night being war and ignorance. Indeed, he is therefore a perfect personification of the Hoover Institution on "War, Revolution and Peace".

Ronald Hilton - 12/5/01