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The Marines and John Walker

General Mike Sullivan, a proud Marine, sent me a report telling how at a baseball game the crowd observed a Marine; all stood up and applauded him. Certainly we now know the role of the Marines. I asked Mike to compare the Marine with our "Taliban", John Walker. Here is part of his reply:

"Walker is a product of a liberal, well-off family that provided him little, if any, guidance on government, civics or patriotism. He had no rules to live by or to learn discipline and the time honored American values. His parents' answer was "do your own thing" and we'll pay for it. It is said he was a bright student but he had no common sense or experience to make the life-impacting decisions that he made. His parents went along with these decisions. It's inconceivable to me how he could end up a Taliban soldier, except that he thought it was really a "cool' thing to do and he'd show those Berkley types and folks back home what real radicalism is. If his parents had kept him in tow and insisted on a standard California high school education, regardless of their liberal leanings, I think his passion for Malcom X and the Muslim religion would have subsided. Today, he is a product of the militant Muslim fundlementalist schools in Pakistan and probably San Francisco that teach exactly what he was fighting for as a Taliban. I wouldn't venture to say what his punishment will be because of the lawyers and legal system in this country where an OJ can walk free. To me, he is a POW. The problem is he is an American so he must be held accountable for his anti-American and despicable actions. Stay tuned because it's going to really get interesting and probably very messy..."

My comment: I agree entirely. The Economist (12/15-21/01) has a one-page article with this headline "Tresonous reflections. Americans--particularly George Bush--shouldn't make excuses for John Walker". He comes from the wealthy Marin County suburb of San Francisco.

Ronald Hilton - 12/21/01