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Marines in the Philippines

Bienvenido Macario, who was brought up`in the Philippines, sends me abundant news about his native country. Most of us know little about it, and I wish we had space enough to run more of it. He recalls the time when the US Marines were there:

"I consider myself lucky for having a former US Marine as a teacher of sorts when I was in fourth grade. He told me that basically in the US Marines, they are trained to "adapt, improvise and overcome whatever obstacle there is." This is common knowledge. But what he further explained made the whole difference. He said: "Before one could adapt and improvise, one must admit that he failed; that there is something not working right; that we are losing. In the finally analysis facing and accepting reality is the key. Let not your personal self get in the way of victory." There were other US Marines who become my mentors he just happened to be the first".

Ronald Hilton - 11/11/01