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UNITED STATES: Mexican American voting bloc

Paul Simon agrees with Cathie Adams on the abuse of major US highways and adds the following:

"Truckers get a largely free ride (truck taxes are infinitesimal compared with the costs of building and maintaining interstates) as do barges which get perks galore from the Army Corps of Engineers. Railroads on the other hand are privately owned, run and taxed on their rights of way. Damned hard to get any type of traffic off the roads with that kind of subsidy scheme. Knowing full well that any truck company will deny this, I still assert that rail (low friction steel on steel) is a more efficient way to ship goods over distances and a safer way to ship hazardous materials"

My comment: This makes sense. Here in California many freeways are jammed with trucks. Fox talks about highway plans, but I have not seen a word about railroads. Trains could bring Mexican goods directly to their U.S. destinations and vice-versa. Do they? If not, why not? Any information would be appreciated.

Ronald Hilton - 8/27/01