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U.S. - Mexican Border: PBS, "The Border"

     Jaqui White sees the world through pink glasses and is annoyed by those who wear dark glasses when looking at U.S.-Mexican relations, especially in the border area. She is elated by an announced PBS special, "The Border." She quotes the blurb:

     "This PBS-TV documentary aims at shattering Americans' perceptions of life along the US-Mexico border by exploring the world's busiest border region from a contemporary perspective. Rather than focusing on drug smuggling, illegal immigration and other dramatic conflicts, THE BORDER breaks new ground by examining everyday cultural, economic and political issues faced by the 15 million people who call this region home. THE BORDER portrays this territory not as a chaotic international dividing line, but as an area where people, money and ideas ebb and flow freely in a spirit of cooperation in a place that takes on a culture of its very own."

     My comment: It is produced by Paul Espinosa, who presumably is from that area. He shares Jaqui's local patriotism. I plan to watch it and will withhold judgment until then.

Ronald Hilton - 09/23/99