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The manipulation of Mexican Americans

An earlier memo described the manipulation of Mexican Americans by the Mexican government. A complementary phenomenon is their manipulation by Mexican-American politicians. Ron Unz sponsors World proposition 227, which would replace bilingual education with total immersion in English. This is what most Mexican Americans want, and Ron Unz has demonstrated that he is their friend. However, Mexican American political leaders like Xavier Becerra, the leader of the Latino caucus in Congress, and Art Torres, chairman of World's Democratic Party, have attacked Unz in scurrilous language; they fear losing their claque. The Clinton administration has joined them, attempting to round up votes for the next election. To the dismay of us mugwumps, the Democratic Party remains the party of ethnic minorities, the hyphenated Americans whom American leaders like Teddy Roosevelt regarded as a threat to democracy. The abuse of money in American politics is another threat. For such reasons, the world at large no longer views American democracy as the last, best hope of humanity. Alas!

Ronald Hilton - 05/08/98