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UNITED STATES: Mexican American voting bloc

Cathie Adams expresses the anger of many Texans at the use of the Mexican border issue for political purposes. It is hard to disagree with her:

"Texas hosts about 80% of the NAFTA traffic. As a result, our interstate highway 35, the NAFTA highway, is in very bad repair. The traffic is so dense that it is negatively affecting intrastate commerce. [Highway 35 links Laredo with the center of Texas, but it is also used by trucks going to an from the US. For this reason, Cathie calls it the NAFTA highway. Many Texan roads converge on Laredo, which bears the brunt of the traffic going to Mexico ]. Texas adds to the problem by granting drivers' licenses to illegal aliens and registering them to vote at the same time. A large percentage of auto accidents in Texas are with uninsured Mexican drivers resulting from these poor policies. It seems that the president is more earnest about the illegal voters than he is about the Republican base of voters. This is sad because Americans have so very much to lose, while the Mexicans have so very much to gain. My observation of the Hispanic caucus in the Texas legislature is that they're to the left of both the Democrat caucus and the black caucus. As a matter of fact, if a Hispanic legislator gets out of line (dares to think for himself), then the other Hispanics surround his desk until he is brought back into the fold.

Just this year, Texas legislators decided to grant in-state tuition to Mexican students, while those from a bordering American state (OK, LA, NM) must pay out-of-state tuition to our public universities. My hope is that common sense and national security will join hands while we still have a choice about either".

Ronald Hilton - 8/21/01