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More on Mexican Immigration

Jaqui White gives her arguments in favor of Mexican immigration:

"The thousands of Mexican who come here to service the crops are doing work that our citizens prefer NOT to do. Therefore, the crops would rot in the fields if it were not for them. This same situation exists in many other professions."

This is true, but it raises another question posed by John Wonder. What about Americans who are rotting in jail or out of work? Our primary responsibility is to reinsert them into the working class. In France, l´Abbé Pierre is doing that very successfully with his Compagnons d´Emmaüs.

We take food down to a church which distributes it to poor people. There are always able-bodied men there waiting for a handout, but I cannot get anyone to mow my lawn.

Jaqui correctly says:

"The very essence of our country is that of helping our fellow man to rise up from previous oppression to help him in his endeavor to be independent and productive, and therefore content."

Jaqui is also correct when she speaks of the difficulties of educating thousands of Mexican children who know little English. However, that raises the question of bilingual education, which has failed, and the danger of perpetuating language enclaves. It is unfair of her to apply he word ¨priggish" to all those who question immigration. Some are, but the more serious are properly concerned about the social cohesion of the United States.

Jaqui loves humanity, and she says " If you want a beautiful child, combine all the races, and the child produced will have the finest qualities of each race (my note: optimistic biology!). This is why the United States has the standing in the world today. We are comprised of representatives of the world who have contributed the very finest that their heritage offers."

This is partly true. I am in favor of intermarriage, but total assimilation takes time. I do not know my own heritage. It is presumably Celt, Roman, Saxon, Dane, and Norman. José Vasconcelos wrote a book, The Cosmic Race, claiming that Mexico would be what Jaqui prescribes. He later laughted at these ideas.

However, immigrants do not necessarily represent the best of a culture. Some do and some don´t, e.g. the mafiosi and the drug traffickers. Few Americans realize how many were sent to America in lieu of jail. That was the subject recently of an excellent TV program. It was not just Australia. On the other hand, idealists like the Puritans and many others came here to escape persecution. Most just sought better opportunities.

Ronald Hilton - 03/24/99