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Mexico and the United States

     In the posting on the Washington meeting on US-Mexican Relations, I said that Luis Gonzalez Souza, head of UNAMīs international relations department, unfairly criticized the US for violating NAFTA rules by keeping out Mexican trucks. Tom Moore said the criticism was justified, and that the ban on Mexican trucks was to secure the Teamsters' vote for Gore. I replied:
     Tom: I read that the Mexican trucks failed to meet U.S. highway standards and that therefore there were technical reasons for banning them. I suppose the test would be if Mexican trucks which met those standards were allowed to travel on American roads. Before I apologize for having been fooled, I want to have my facts straight. Ronald.
     To this, Tom replied: My understanding is that our government has claimed that the trucks don't meet safety standards as a means to keep them out. If they wanted to abide by NAFTA they could simply inspect each Mexican trucks and allow those through that meet the standard. But they have barred all Mexican trucks. They were meant to have lifted these restrictions within the last year but again postponed any opening of the market to Mexicans. They have a valid complaint.

     My comment: Can any one living near the Mexican border tell us what is actually going on?

Ronald Hilton - 3/14/00