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US: Middle East and oil - the Russians are coming!

Speaking of the Middle East oil crisis, Cameron Sawyer says: " You can imagine how happy Russian oil companies are. Billions of dollars are being invested in new pipelines and new production, and Europeans and Japanese are lined up to order crude and refined petroleum products from this suddenly reliable ally, as seen in perspective of the current situation in the Middle East. Many U.S. WAISers may be surprised to know that if they fill up their cars at Getty gas stations, they are doing business with Lukoil, one of Russia s biggest oil companies, which acquired the Getty retail operations in 2000. Lukoil is one of the biggest private oil companies in the world. By the end of next year, Getty stations will be selling primarily Russian produced and refined gasoline, shipped from Lukoil s new terminal in St. Petersburg. Getty Petroleum Marketing is currently looking to hire a staff attorney for its headquarters in East Meadow, New York. Russian language skills are required! So the Russians have invaded us after all, just not quite in the way we expected during the Cold War".

Ronald Hilton - 11/13/02