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US: Middle East Policies

Tim Brown expresses his own strong views on US Middle East policies, He denounces three "canards" "1) If it attacks the Saddam regime, the US will have to act in total isolation without a single ally and therefore will be acting outside the rule of "law". False. true, we would not have all 193 or so UN members. But we would have the UK, Turkey, Kuwait, Bahrain, Australia, and probably others. Not the entire world, but not total isolation either. 2) If we attack Saddam, we attack the entire Muslim world from the Philippines to Morocco. Also entirely false. In fact some of the major partners in our coalition will be Muslim. [Which? RH] The target is actually very narrow, a State sponsor of terrorism with Weapons of Mass Destruction and a demonstrated will to use them that has defied the UN and the thus virtually the entire world. Only one State meets that definition, Iraq. 3) The pan-European Left's allegation without any evidence whatsoever that the sole reason the US wants to attack Iraq is to steal its oil so its own oils supplies can be assure. Also false. First, it is Europe, not the US, which depends on Middle Eastern oil. Second, the countries and companies and with the relatively deepest dependency on Iraqi oil are first its neighbors and second its European customers. It can equally be argued that the principal reason Europeans do not want us to attack is precisely because they fear for their own oil supplies, not ours. It is important to have a reasoned debate because there are, in fact, strong arguments that counsel great caution".

Ronald Hilton - 11/6/02