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US: Middle East policy

Mikes Seeley, a former intelligence officer specializing in Arab countries, comments: "Martin Storey's report on France is most interesting. I have had a love/hate relationship with France and the French ever since I lived in Morocco. All in all, I see no more virtue in the French government than in ours.

I have written before that I oppose a unilateral military action against Saddam. The statements by Pres. Bush and his hawk friends disturb me primarily because they make no sense (Saddam is a beast, to be sure, but how exactly does he directly threaten us? And Bush keeps saying that he is linked to Al Qaeda, but senior Intelligence officials keep denying they have any evidence of that). Yes, the French and the Russians and others violate the sanctions they agreed to, and Saddam probably will try to make nuclear weapons, but please tell me when and against whom he intends to use them? If the Israelis get even a hint that he will use WMD against them, they will nuke Iraq into dust- and Saddam knows it. And if he did get in a first strike against Israel, he also knows what we would do.

Oh well, I am so confused now by my own government that I give up. I still have great faith in the country and the people and the system, but the people in high office now just confound me".

Ronald Hilton - 10/5/02