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US: Middle East policy

I receive many messages like this from Robert Gard:"It's simply not politically correct to acknowledge that our one-sided treatment of the Arab-Israeli dispute, widely advertized in the Arab world, coupled with our hypocrisy in insisting that Iraq, but not the Israelis, comply with UN resolutions, enrages the Arab street". Some say they are afraid to speak out for fear of being called anti-semite. They say the US has given $85 billion to Israel. Here is the opening passage from a Reuters report:

Saudi businessman plans pro-Islam propaganda

The head of Saudi Arabia's biggest conglomerate has accused the West of pursuing a policy of double standards on Iraq and Israel, adding his voice to a growing chorus of criticism from the kingdom. Sheikh Saleh Kamel, whose Dallah al-Barakah Group (DBG) plans a media push to explain Islam to the West following a series of attacks blamed on Islamic radicals, said a US-led strike on Iraq would fuel anti-US sentiment among Muslims. "There are two different standards," the chairman of the group with US$8 billion in assets from banking to agriculture said on Sunday. He said 99 per cent of the Muslims did not like Saddam but that did not mean they endorsed Western action to disarm him for having weapons of mass destruction. "If we know that Israel has many bombs, no one says anything," Kamel said.

Ronald Hilton - 11/5/02