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The US Military - up and down

The last posting concerned Captain Edward Beach, the first submariner to circumnavigate the world undersea. Now this message from Cameron Sawyer takes us to the military and political heights of President Emeritus George Bush. Why not use the word "Emeritus" in this case, although Cameron Sawyer would dispute that. He says "George Bush Sr. was a decent man who meant well, and I voted for him twice. But in my opinion he did NOT deserve a second term. Any president who so cravenly violates his own promises ("read my lips -- no new taxes") should be thrown out on his ear. Otherwise politicians may say anything to get elected and do anything later they please. His record as president has a lot of other blemishes, too -- blunders in economic policy, starting but not finishing the Gulf War.

Why do we care about the physical courage of our leaders? But we do. Bush the Elder was the last real war hero president, and for whatever irrational reasons we all slept better when the man with the power was the guy who once fought dogfights in a fighter plane. Interesting -- was the film of Bush jumping during the war, or later? I made my own first parachute jump in September, with a Russian military parachute club. An amazing experience, unbelievably terrifying!".

RH: The words I have italicized can apply also to George W. How do you throw a person out on his ear? It must require skillful pitching. The parachuting President was filmed jumping post war. I am disturbed by Cameron's imprudence. We might have lost a valuable WAISer. Why did he join a Russian military parachute club?

Ronald Hilton - 12/8/02