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Minorities: Misplaced Benefaction

     My attack on the racial aspect of the Gates Scholarships has received strong support from WAISers. Dan Wilhelmi says that it is impossible to define race. He is married to a Korean. What is his boy?
     One of the brightest, best-informed and attractive people in Washington is Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH). She gave a splendid presentation of the plight of farmers, threatened with bankruptcy. The Economist (9/18-24) confirmed her statements in an article entitled "Crisis in the Great Plains. The dying of the little towns" It described how hard-working farmers are forced the leave their homes. There is an attempt to keep them alive by introducing information technology. I can think of no other group more worthy of the Gates bounty. Their children deserve help to realize that dream. One of them might become a Gates.
     Why is the Gates Foundation singling out "minorities" ( meaning Hispanics and blacks) for such generous help? Is it knee-jerk political correctness? Is he a Democrat trying to win votes for the party? Is he trying to appear as a great benefactor at a time when his corporation is being grilled by the government? Does he intend to employ the graduates at below-market salaries? Or is it just stupidity?

Ronald Hilton - 09/23/99