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Minorities: Misplaced Benefaction

     Tor Guimaraes, who is Brazilian, writes:
     Speaking as one who has refused any special treatment for being a Latino, I believe Mr. Gates has earned his fortune in a relatively ethical, clean, and extremely productive fashion (his business has created great economic wealth for himself, his employees, and society) and he is entitled to give his fortune away as he sees fit. We should all be grateful he decided to be generous, for whatever reason. Having said that, it might be educational to ask him to explain his rationale for singling out minorities to receive part of his largesse.

     My comment: This defense of Gates may well be justified. Perhaps our minds have been poisoned by all the adverse publicity he has received. Still, that does not answer our questions: What minorities? I know a wealthy individual who qualified for a minority contract because he has a Spanish name. I hope the poor in general are a minority. They should qualify.
     I think giving away wealth involves responsibility. There was the case of a wealthy widow (her husband had earned his wealth decently) who left her fortune to her dog, who lives in luxury. A dog's life? That is what the poor have.

Ronald Hilton - 09/23/99