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Minorities: Misplaced Benefaction

     Linda Nyquist and Jaqui White, both of whom have a special interest in Hispanics, defend the Gates Foundation. Jaqui writes:
     In the state of Texas the first, second and third grades in school are 54.7% Hispanic. Very often when the Hispanic honor students go to Harvard, Yale, Stanford, etc. they wish to return here to live where they feel comfortable and at home. This is a good thing, I think, they will inspire their younger brothers and sisters to aim high. Interestingly, when many students in this area think of college they feel that they will only be accepted in colleges and Universities in Texas, and that their parents will be able to afford only in-state schools. The fact is, however, that when they apply to Ivy League schools, etc., they very often will not only be accepted, but will receive full scholarships. I spoke with the high school counselor yesterday and was told this.

     My comment: Good, but that does not invalidate the criticism. What Jaqui says confirms that every attempt is made at major universities to help "minorities," which of course does not mean the Chinese or Japanese. At Stanford this is very much the case. I was thrilled when Hispanics did well and I gave them every encouragement, but I was less happy when they used their minority status to try to force me to give them grades out of line with the rest of the class. Poor whites do not get such favored treatment.

Ronald Hilton - 09/23/99