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Misguided Foreign Policy

     I receive many messages from WAISers representing all viewpoints. If I am compelled to summarize them, it does not mean that I dismiss the views expressed. Several messages received are highly critical of U.S. foreign policy from a leftist position. Christopher Balz has sent me a long extract from an account of the Russian Revolution, with his own comments. I have read it carefully and respectfully. He argues that, by supporting the White Armies, the West made the victory of Stalin possible, and the subsequent mass murders he perpetrated. Lenin knew Stalin's faults, and preferred Trotsky. Hoover's hatred of the Revolution was in part motivated by the property he lost. This, says Christopher, is typical of the misguided U.S. support for evil dictators.
     I do not think that Trotsky would have been a better solution than Stalin. He wanted worldwide revolution, and the result would have been a general bloodbath. I agree that U.S. investors and corporations judge foreign governments by the way they treat foreign property. Thus in Chile, IT and T supported the overthrow of Allende, with all its consequences. I knew Allende and think that he was too unaware of the world situation to know how it would react. IT and T naturally seems to have thought only of protecting the stockholders´ interests. The U.S. Embassy people in Santiago had a `poor grasp of the situation. The U.S. government was distressed by the bloody turn of events.
     Incidentally, Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright spoke today at Hoover. I am delighted to see that Hoover now welcomes Democratic leaders as well as Republicans. The announcement carried a quotation by Hoover which should make clear that he was a man of peace:
     "The purpose of the Institution is to promote peace. Its records stand as a challenge to those who promote war. They should attract those who search for peace." - Herbert Hoover
     WAISer Linda Nyquist still feels sympathy for Fidel Castro and is a little dismayed by my observations about him and Cuba. She asks if she should go to Cuba to see for herself. The answer is an emphatic yes. If she goes, I trust she will send us an honest account of her impressions.

Ronald Hilton - 10/6/99