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Misguided Foreign Policy

     Miles Seeley comments:
     I think Trotsky would have been no better than Stalin. What I have been feeling is that we do not really have a foreign policy and have not had one for the past 8 years. We seem almost entirely reactive. I grant that it was easier to have something coherent when "The Evil Empire" threatened, but there are many threats today, also, just of a different variety. As the only remaining superpower, we should have a policy that the world understands, even if some don't like it. I am also disturbed by this odd reliance on air power to accomplish humanitarian goals- at least that's what they said we were doing in Kosovo. Say what you will of the Kennan/Atchison years, we had a global policy and stuck to it most of the time.
     My comment: I agree, but I think it is because we play politics with foreign affairs. I have just listened to former Secretary of Defense Schlesinger speaking on the test ban treaty. It is a horribly complicated subject, made worse by the suspicion that all the Senators on the Armed Services Committee were approaching it from a partisan point of view.

Ronald Hilton - 10/7/99