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More Marines: John Gardner

The Marines have been getting a lot of publicity recently, and not just in WAIS postings. They have played a lead role in Afghanistan, and the Army is reportedly jealous that they have invaded its turf (of which there is little in Afghanistan). In discussing eminent Marines, we mentioned George Shultz of Stanford, who is a link between the Marines and diplomacy. We should mention also one of my heroes (I have few), John Gardner, also of Stanford. He was a Marine intelligence officer in World War II. Later. President Lyndon Johnson appointed him Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, even though he is a Republican, a rare honor. John Gardner can thus serve as a link between the Marines and public welfare, not only as Secretary but also as the founder of Common Cause. He also has the world's highest honor, the Order of Penguins.

A footnote on Marine General Robert Francis Devlin, whom those who attended the WAIS globalization conference had the pleasure of meeting. He served in the Middle East as a CIA officer, and the told us that he was going back to Washington to advise on the Middle East. Sam Tanenbaum, who knows a great deal about the CIA, says it has recalled to Washington its retired Middle East experts. Now we know why the Marines went into Afghanistan firstest with the mostest.

Ronald Hilton - 12/16/01