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The Nation State

     Jaqui White has strong feelings:
     "I must disagree most emphatically with this last posting. The overwhelming majority of persons wishing to immigrate to the United States do so to support their families, improve the quality of their lives, to send money back to family members left behind or to avoid the tyranny and oppression of their homeland. These people are not "criminals or terrorists". These are not "US Hispanics, who want to increase their numbers and thereby their political clout". These are honorable, hard-working individuals who wish to be part of the country known for its freedom and opportunity."

     My comment: I simply quoted the remark about criminals and terrorists from a journal which has a proper concern about these, Jaqui is quite right in her description of immigrants. However, that does not answer Sam Huntington's legitimate concern about divided loyalties. He is a highly respected analyst.

Ronald Hilton - 2/16/00