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The Nation State: U.S. Hispanics

     Tim Brown points out that it we should not lump together groups like "Hispanics" and "Latinos":
     "It is important not to confuse the basis Hispanic populace with Hispanic political activists, and the immigrant Hispanic community with the community that has been here for many generations, even centuries.
     In the United States there are many Hispanic communities, not just one, and each differs from the others, often in quite profound ways - Miami Cubans from California rural workers, urban professionals from restaurant workers. The list is extensive, if not endless.

     My own experience, especially my three years as a US-Mexico border analyst at New Mexico State University's now defunct Border Research Institute convinced me that one simply cannot make accurate generalizations about Hispanics, whether immigrant, migrant, or permanently settled. It also convinced me that those who are most heard politically are those least representative of their own community."

Ronald Hilton - 2/16/00