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US: One view on President Bush

Stuart Rawlings expresses his opinion of President Bush in the form of an imaginary Christmas message from him. We post it out of respect for Stuart, not because we agree or disagree: "My Fellow Americans and World Citizens: It is with great shame that I admit that during my two years as President I have acted against your best interests.

First, my proposed war on Iraq makes no sense whatsoever. I started beating these war drums last summer to cover up America's economic shortcomings during our mid-season election. (Amazingly, most of the American people and the press didn't realize this.) Saddam Hussein poses no realistic threat to America or other nations at this time; but a Christian alliance attacking his Moslem nation is likely to incite thousands of Moslems to support Al Queda and other terrorist groups. Therefore I have actually been promoting rather than fighting terrorism. Equally important, I have introduced the notion of pre-emptive strikes, which will encourage nations around the world to choose war as a first option to international disputes. This has traditionally been the thinking of dictators such as Hitler, Napoleon, and Saddam Hussein. It has no place in a peaceful world.

At home, my policy of cutting taxes will soon cause suffering to millions of Americans who are poor, sick, or needing an education. My stubborn view that global warming is not to be taken seriously is contributing to major problems such as drought and flooding. My support of the oil industry (and my opposition to energy conservation) is causing greater pollution and more dependence on the unstable Middle East. And my close ties to the corporate world make me the worst possible choice to lead our financial system back to a position of trust.

For all these reasons and more, I hereby discharge all the members of my cabinet, and I pledge to fill these positions with people committed to peace, to honesty, and to helping the disempowered of our country and this world. I also pledge that I will not run for a second Presidential term, but instead will return to my ranch in Texas, where I shall spend time pondering where my family, friends, and I all went wrong".

RH: I gather that Stuart is not a Republican.

Ronald Hilton - 1/5/03