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Pancho Villa rides again!

Paul Simon reports: "This morning I watched the assault on Tora-Bora on BBC. Tora Bora should not be confused with Bora-Bora, which is much closer to Pango-Pango. I think this latter is where Northern Alliance "Foreign Minister" Abdullah Abdullah is hanging out with Sirhan Sirhan, Boutrous Boutrous Ghali, and my former co-workers Milhad Milhad and Toma Toma, watching "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman" re-runs and eating ho-hos and ding-dongs with the riff-raff, dancing to hip-hop and all that clap-trap. They say that rhyming "clang syllables" are a sure sign of schizophrenia, by the way.....But I digress (as ever)

Back to the analogy: The US Army has elite forces scouring the desert mountains in a hostile foreign land, looking for a bandit terrorist who committed violent acts against innocent US civilians in the continental United States. It reminds me of the Army's fruitless hunt for Poncho Villa after the raid on Columbus, NM. Coincidentally, the leader of the "punitive expedition" (which we were at pains to point out was "anti-bandit not anti-Mexican") was a certain General "Black Jack" Pershing............"

Ronald Hilton - 12/17/01