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US: Payments for "services" rendered by foreign governments

Richard Armitage, Under Secretary of State, appeared before the Justice, State and Judiciary Subcommittee of the House, chaired by Rep. Frank Wolf, Republican of Virginia. A fairly large number of immigrants have criminal records which were not discovered when they were admitted or commit serious crimes after they arrive. Many seem to come here lured by the American dream, fail, are disillusioned, and resort to crime. In any case, all should be returned to their country of origin, which often refuses to accept them back. The Supreme Court ruled that no one can be imprisoned after serving the prescribed term, so they were released from prison despite their being a danger to society. Wolf asked Armitage what the State Department was doing about that. Armitage replied that the countries of origin usually demanded "funds for rehabilitation", i.e. a bribe. Nothing comparable is done for US criminals upon their release. It reminded me of the "coalition of the willing". Many have given only verbal support, but count on a recompense. Turkey is another example. Nine out of ten Turks oppose the war in Iraq, so the Turkish parliament refused approval for US troops to cross Turkey. However, following the visit of Colin Powell, trucks carrying US military equipment crossed from Turkey into Iraq in the middle of the night so as to avoid being noticed. I have not seen the figure Tuekey was paid for this.

Ronald Hilton - 4/4/03