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US plans for the Philippines

Bienvenido Macario sends an article from The Tribune in which a woman nationalist summarizes a Rand Corporation report to show that the US plans to establish permanent bases in the Philippines: "The Rand Corporation is a US research and policy group identified with the military-industrial complex of American. It has been doing strategic, policy and even operational studies and planning for the complex since the 1950s. The Rand report is always a significant factor in any study of US geo-political objectives in the different parts of the world.

Arroyo and her government today is practically a spokesman for the US State Department and the US embassy here, even obfuscating constitutional issues in order to defend the operations of American troops here. We can debate the constitutional questions to death and the American troops still won t be saying goodbye for a long time to come. What would be more productive is for us to discuss the real reasons behind this new deployment of foreign troops: a global positioning of forces to control of vital raw material resources and political-military points. In the Philippines, the objectives are as it has been for the past hundred years control and use of a vital archipelago, its sea routes and raw materials (particularly those in and around Mindanao). This they have been doing not only here but in many parts of the world.

In the past five years, in a flurry of controversial operations, the US (with its British overlord) have deployed in various guises troops in: East Timor, Kosovo, Macedonia, Afghanistan and Central Asia, always moving closer or into to sources of oil as well as towards the borders of regional powers. The eastward march of Anglo-American troops in the guise of NATO towards Russia, and northward on the China Sea through the Philippines.

The War on Terror is just a scenario of a great world conflict based on religious war, the Clash of Civilization that Western ultra-conservative and bigoted ideologues from Brezinski to Huntington (revolving around think tanks like Rand) conceived to provide a justification for this new thrust for global deployment of military power. Troops positioned within striking distance of raw material resources and vital routes represent influence over raw material prices and world politics".

Ronald Hilton - 2/24/02