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US policy in Latin America

On foreign policy, Americans are roughly divided into Realists (mostly Republican), who believe that the use of force is imperative, and the Idealists (mostly Democrats), who put more stress on ideals. However admirable, the Idealists like Woodrow Wilson and Jimmy Carter have usually failed. The glamor of Kennedy and Jaqui disguises the fact that their record is one of failure, except for the Peace Corps and the redecoration of the White House. Tim Brown represents the former group. Latin Americans greatly favor the second. Among the replies to Tim I have received, the most polite comes from Emery Gorondy:

"As far a Tim Brown's comments on his speech in Lima, Peru, I do not question that he has tried to do the best for the USA and for humanity! The basic problem is that American Foreign Policy towards Latin America has supported militarily all those "corrupt dictators" to prevent the Marxists Communists from taking over their countries! The best example of this tragedy in Peru is Vladimiro Lenin Montesinos! The son of a "working class" family--like Tim Brown--trained by the CIA, became the most corrupt members of the Fujimori government! The Batistas, Trujillos, Somozas ... you can go on and on... were all the "bribed dictators" that oppressed their people for their own personal benefit and the benefit of the US financial interest in their countries! Whenever I hear the argument that "Latin Americans should take care of their own problems" I say: "Yes, they would take care of their own problems IF the USA would not interfere and support financially and militarily all those-most of them trained in the School of the Americas-that are oppressing their peoples for their personal benefit!" All the "noble idealist" of Latin America, the "Che" Guevaras, Fidel Castros, FARC, Shining Paths, etc., etc., had to turn to the opposite force (Communism) to try to end the corruption and exploitation of their countries! I hope that someday the Tim Browns, the CIA and the American Foreign Policy makers will be free of the lobbyist for the investments in Latin America and will be able to see the "reality" of this tragedy, just as President John Kennedy saw it!

PS. I appreciated Steven Torok's input, but my last name in Hungarian, doesn't have the umlaut (the double dot on the O's) the way his last name has it!"

Ronald Hilton - 3/9/02