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US Politics: (No) beating (about the) Bush

Hank Greely calls a spade a spade in spades: "I certainly didn't have the purpose of offending Mr. Bentley. I equally certainly did propose to make a derogatory reference to our President, who, I believe, is running arguably the worst Administration in my memory:

The free marketeer who pours $150 billion into new subsidies for farmers;
The free trader who imposes steel tariffs;
The President whose Administration confiscated our nail clippers (fingernail, as well as the larger toenail clippers) to fight terrorism;
The President whose Attorney General seems unrelenting in his unwillingness to let Americans' rights stand in the way of anything the Administration wants;
And who treats with equal nonchalance states' rights, when they conflict with his ideological views, as did Oregon's Physician Assisted Suicide act;
And the "leader of the Free World" who consistently pays no attention to what his "followers", our allies, think, about global warming, international criminal justice, or Iraq.

I put down much of this to rank political maneuvering, looking for Senate seats, House seats, and electoral votes in the farm belt and the steel belt. I blame other parts of it on a basic disrespect for politics, either internal or external, in favor of a corporate model where what the CEO (the leader) says is done, whatever the presidents of the wholly owned subsidiaries may think. And I think some of it must be due to his almost complete lack of preparation for governing. I didn't always agree (or disagree) with his father, but I respected him - and still do. The current President Bush seems to be an engaging, pleasant, and moral man . . . but I think his Administration has not earned our respect.

My question: WAISly, I wonder how George W. Bush is viewed around the world.

Ronald Hilton - 9/7/02