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US Politics: (No) Beating (about the) Bush

Hank Greely explains; "I also don't want to go on about this ad nauseam, but I do want to respond to Rusty Bentley on two points. First, I did not question whether George W. Bush was the President. He was elected under the laws, as interpreted by the Supreme Court, and I accept that. I disagreed with the Supreme Court's decision in Bush v. Gore and even more strongly with its earlier action to issue an injunction against the State of Florida's recount (the idea that counting ballots in a democracy could lead to "irreparable injury," the legal test, was, I felt, quite offensive). But I published an op/ed on the Supreme Court decision and took the symbolic step of resigning my membership in the Supreme Court bar. That was 19 months ago. The complaints contained in my "ramblings" relate to what has happened after January 20, 2001, not what happened before.

Second, I had thought (being married to one) that Texans were made of sterner stuff. Referring to the second Bush president as "little Bush" seems pretty weak as vituperation goes. And it has the excuse that we need some way to distinguish between the two Administrations - calling them the "George H. W. Bush Administration" and the "George W. Bush Administration" doesn't seem useful. Old Bush, Young Bush; Bush Senior, Bush Junior; Bush pere, Bush fils; Bush the father, Bush the son; Bush 41, Bush 43 (which seems to be popular in, but only in, DC); Smart Bush, Dumb Bush (bad Hank) . . . Big Bush, Little Bush, though somewhat negative to the son, seems only a mildly negative way of distinguishing them.

And I do hope that Mr. Bentley noticed that the vast majority of my comments were devoted "to facts and reason" rather than "name calling."

PS. I must admit I found humorous the reference to "Little Greely". At 6 ft., 3 inches tall and about 20 stone in weight, I don't have a lot of experience at being called small".

My comment: Bush the Father, Bush the Son...What about Bush the Holy Ghost? I would be grateful if Hank would e-mail me his op-ed. That Hank the Great is a closet conservative is proved by the fact that he gives his weight in stones. Why 20 stone, not stones? Avoid the problem and say st. A stone is i4 lbs avoirdupoids, which ironically is the name of the English, not the French system. So Hank weighs 280 lbs. At 2,2046 lbs to the kilo, that comes out to about 135 kilos. Now I understand. I advise Hank to go on a diet.

Ronald Hilton - 9/7/02